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A Desert Called Peace (Lobelia, rated G)

For the Mistakes challenge.

Title: A Desert Called Peace
Autthor: rubynye
Rating: G
Work: Return of the King, bookiverse
Disclaimer: This character and the works she appears in do not belong to me.
Author's Note: "The Romans make a desert and call it peace." Calgacus, as reported by Tacitus.

My Lotho said he'd bring peace and prosperity, and how could I not believe my son? When we bought Bag End, when folk ducked their heads to me, I thought we had the right of it. But long days in these Lockholes, with naught to do but think, and even stubborn Lobelia--- I know what they call me--- must admit her mistake. I don't know where I went wrong with him, or where he did, but those Men must be stopped; when I'm released I'll do what I can, to save the Shire, to save my son.

If I'm released...
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