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'New' challenge - 'New Scents for Old I and II', a drabble pair : Kortirion

Title: New Scents for Old I and II, a drabble pair
Author: Kortirion
Character: Théodred/Boromir
Rating: PG-ish – implied slash
Source: Middle-earth, an AU youthful encounter in Minas Tirith
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the mythos... Kortirion imagined a supplementary moment...

New Scents For Old I
Young Théodred sniffed the breeze. Acrid... cloying sweetness... close, but what in Arda...? The new odour trailed ahead to their usual fastness. He followed; foot-falls quiet amidst damp leaf-fall. There!

Boromir, youth’s desire a-blazing, whirled against him.

“You were quick!” Boromir mumbled into Théodred’s mouth.

“Couldn’t miss you – what is that smell?!”

Boromir broke off, reddened, looked down... “Mettare gift... somebody always gives me a bottle... I... thought...” he shrugged.

Théodred laughed, hugged him.

“...I’ve a cupboard full, unopened...” Boromir continued, muffled by a shoulder.

“Smells like a Haradric whore’s parlour, who...”

Boromir tumbled them both to the ground, giggling.

New Scents for Old II
Later, passions sated, lounging amongst concealing bushes in the old walled-garden, Boromir lazily traced Théodred’s chest.

“Tell me, then... what Haradric whore...?”

Théodred stretched.

“Not really Haradric... nor a whore... I don’t think... I was tiny, barely out of clouts... I’d run from the nursery-maid... full-pelt, in my night-shirt... hurtling into her – all painted eyes... jewelled ears, and this new, incredibly intoxicating sweetness. A man also... his grey eyes... mesmerizing...! He picked me up, carried me, until we met Father. The maid came, took me away... but I’ve never forgotten.

...Strangely, your old amah reminds me of...”

Boromir choked.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: new, character: boromir, character: theodred
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