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Title: The Fire, Roaring (Frodo, G)

Title: The Fire, Roaring
Author: Lanthirel, aka Deidre
Characters: Frodo
Rating: G
Book/Source: Lotr: The Return of the King; could be either book or movie 'verse
Disclaimer: Tolkien implied in a letter that we could play in his sandbox.
Notes: For the Resolute challenge at tolkien_weekly

The Fire, Roaring

All the good beings of Middle-Earth were counting on him, to do the unthinkable, the unbiddable, the impossible. Frodo was physically exhausted, spiritually blind, but not morally bankrupt. The pain would not conquer; he would accomplish this last journey. Not a quest to find and return, but only a last task to perform.

At the end of all things, Frodo stood high above the Cracks of Doom, now determined to throw the golden trinket in. But he had not reckoned with the pain of longing for the power of the One Ring. It swept over him and he was lost.

Tags: author: lanthirel, challenge: resolute, character: frodo
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