parisiennepen (parisiennepen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Still a chance
Author: parisiennepen
Characters: Éowyn and Merry
Book: The Two Towers/The Return of the King
Disclaimer: Tolkien wrote it, Peter Jackson and crew filmed it, and parisiennepen's just fiddling with it.

Éowyn, unobserved, watched him swat and stab at imaginary enemies.

His hope will be cheated, she thought bitterly. He shall be left behind.

She saw a Rider stop next to him.

"Whom are you fighting, master holbytla?" he asked in a tone of jest.

"The King may yet change his mind", Meriadoc replied. "Till the last rider has left, I shall keep my hope – and my sword-arm – up."

The soldier laughed and rode away.

This small hobbit has more resolve than I, a daughter of kings.

Éowyn walked, silently and swiftly, towards the armoury.

Perhaps there is yet a chance.
Tags: author: parisiennepen, challenge: resolute, character: eowyn, character: merry
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