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A Choice Upon Amon Hen

Title: A Choice Upon Amon Hen
Author: Lanthirel, aka Deidre
Characters: Boromir
Rating: G
Book/Source: Lotr: The Fellowship of the Ring; movie 'verse
Disclaimer: Tolkien implied in a letter that we could play in his sandbox.
Notes: For the Resolute challenge at tolkien_weekly; also, see more below.

More notes: A very narrow focus from something of an alternative viewpoint. Tolkien didn't give as much insight into the minds of his other characters as he did for the hobbits. This is one such insight, but may be not my true thoughts on the matter, as much as it was inspired by comments on some of the other drabbles for this particular challenge. But it came to me, and I had to write it.

A Choice Upon Amon Hen

When Boromir came to, in the lost leaves of autumn, he knew, without thinking, that he had done wrong in trying to wrest the One Ring away from the Bearer. He scrambled to his feet, hearing the horn calls of the Orcs. Charging in the direction of the battle noises, he realized that he had to protect the hobbits once he saw their danger. Finally, he felt free of the powerful and seductive call of the Ring, or any other outside influences. For once, himself, and only his own self, Boromir choose of his own free will to do right.

Tags: author: lanthirel, challenge: resolute, character: boromir
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