Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Water - challenge

Title: Bright Water
Author: Kortirion
Word count: 100
Character: Faramir
Adult : none
Disclaimer: JRR wrote it; PJ filmed it, but the ‘Blade of Gondor’ is fileg’s

He kept waking, thinking he heard the sound of water. Not the familiar rush of the falls, but the insistent lap of ripple to shore. He frowned; he shouldn’t be able to hear the river from here.

Fitfully drowsing, sleep eluded him; he rose, pulling on buff-coat and weapons. Even in a quiet dawn, danger could lurk unchallenged.

The shore was shrouded in mist, wreathing the world away until only here and now remained, encapsulated, without past or future. Into that moment sailed a lithe, grey boat. Therein, bright water cradled Gondor’s broken Blade - and eternity held its breath.
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