parisiennepen (parisiennepen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the 'terrain - crumbling' challenge

Title:  The Sight
Author: parisiennepen
Character: Faramir
Rating: G
Source: Movie - The Two Towers Special Extended Edition
Disclaimer: J.R.R Tolkien wrote it, Peter Jackson and crew filmed it, and parisiennepen's just playing with it. No profit is being made from this.

Faramir looked down into the busy courtyard from the top of a parapet. Most of the soldiers there would start back for home tonight.

He looked again and Osgiliath was in ruin. Parts of the wall had fallen in, black figures crept along the riverbank toward the gates, and shadow lay everywhere.

He reached for his sword and found himself behind a pillar in the courtyard, now littered with arrows. The orcs would be upon him and his men any minute...


And he stood once again in warm sunlight. As Faramir turned, his father's hand slipped off his shoulder. 
Tags: author: parisiennepen, challenge: terrain: crumbling, character: faramir
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