RennWench (rennwench) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

"Tuesday Night" for the Molten challenge

Title: Tuesday Night
Author: RennWench
Word count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Fëanor
Rating: G
Disclaimer: He’s not mine, and I pilfered a few phrases from The Professor’s work.
Work: Silmarillion
Summary: Fëanor watches an artisan.
Notes: Written for the ‘Molten’ challenge.

Fire. He loved fire. Not only the secret fire kindled within him, but the fire coming from the strange looking contraption bolted to the metal table.

Adjusting the rose colored spectacles, he watched in wonder and delight as selected sticks of glass melted. The honey thick molten globs were guided, colored, twisted, and shaped. Deeming them complete, the crafter placed them into a searing hot box.

He knew of long and secret labors, powers and subtle skills, but this was . . .

“And that, my dear Fëanor,..” the crafter smiled at her observer “ how to make a bead.”


Notes 2: I make glass beads as a hobby (ok, obsession) and sometimes I hear Fëanor whispering to me while I’m at the torch. My studio time is on Tuesday night – ergo the title. And yes I made the beads in the icon :)
Tags: challenge: terrain: molten, character: feanor, welcome new author
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