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Terrain challenge - waste - 'My Beautiful Country' : Kortirion

Title: My Beautiful Country - 3 views
Character: A countryman
Author: Kortirion
Rating: G
Source: Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s imaginerium.

The land here could be treacherous, whirling whiteness concealed crevices a boot could disappear into, but the tumbled mountain was awe-inspiring. Grey clouds shrouded the sun, glowing molten silver above the rosy glow surrounding the peak. Wind-sculpted rocks were glazed to paleness - both the smoothly curving belched slag… and stone fangs, sharp as an army’s spears. He breathed deep; the tang in the air tickled his nostrils - this place reeked of power! He laughed; it was good to be alive!

‘No wasteland - this was the breeding ground of conquerors!’

The giant orc strode on, crushing bitter ash beneath iron-shod feet.

Title: My Beautiful Country II
Character: A countryman
Author: Kortirion
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s imaginerium

The rocks curved upwards here, spilling shards of mica to the floor of the cave making the ground treacherous. A slip could leave skin sliced and bruised by the heaving rocks raw sharpness. Water had carved the lower tunnels, but that river had long wasted away, leaving collapsed galleries… tunnels that could be worked into pillared halls. They had their ways; the work might be long, but they were many – strong and willing…

‘Yes, we could make this ours...’ The architect nodded, hand to the wall, feeling the pulse of living rock beneath his fingertips.

Turgon, son of Fingolfin, smiled.

Title: My Beautiful Country III
Character: A countryman
Author: Kortirion
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s imaginerium.

Reed-beds whisper in the wind, sometimes, the bull-rushes thud together or slap the water, startling... what? Birds over-fly our dwellings but hesitate to land; perhaps they too sense the waste.

Once this land was filled with sedge and creeping buttercups, always damp underfoot, nevertheless each season found new colour here, golden king-cups, summer-blue pickerel, rosy spathes of calla… even in winter, it sparkled with ice that flashed rainbows back at the sun. Wide blue skies graced us; enfolded the land in a loving embrace...

I shudder, the waters shiver, rippling beneath tiny flames that mark our places... such a waste...
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