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'Late' challenge - 'The Tenth Walker' : Kortirion

Title: The Tenth Walker
Author: Homily Boggle
Character: The intrepid and beautiful companion of the Nine
Rating: Definitely G
Source: Fanfiction.net
Disclaimer: Tolkien is the sole proprietor of Middle-earth and this is merely an homage to my favourite author’s wonderfully inspiring books. *sigh*
Notes: A double-drabble, because prose like this simply cannot be constructed in less.

Cantering up the verdant flower-strewn paths between the majestic waterfalls of icy blue-green water, she brushed silken strands of long, golden hair back from her violet-blue eyes.
‘Oh dear,’ she thought ‘what if they’ve already left?’

Surely not...? Gandalf knew her skills as the half-elven daughter of Alatar, one of the ‘Blue Wizards’, and Lord Celeborn’s cousin; her powers of healing and unerring sense of direction were legendary, as was her uncanny instinct of sensing orcs, when her eyes turned a startlingly luminous steely-blue.

She urged her mount forward, its powerfully muscled back hot between her thighs... even though in general she preferred side-saddle as more suited to her delicate, lady-like upbringing among the graceful sylvan bowers of her mother’s golden-green glades; the only mallorn forest east of Mirkwood, but now was the time for urgency!

Master Elrond awaited her arrival on the sweeping steps leading to his palace of Rivendell’s front door; breathless, she ran forward, her lovely eyes welling with glittering unshed tears of disappointment. Though near to fainting, the masterful, but kindly ancient elf-lord gripped her dainty shoulders, holding her upright to prevent her dazed swoon.

“Alas,” he said “Too late, Marigold-Súlimë... they’ve buggered off without you!”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: times: later, character: elrond
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