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For the 'Renewal' challenge

Title: The Sign
Author: parisiennepen
Characters: Tuor
Rating: G
Book: Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: JRR Tolkien wrote it, Christopher Tolkien edited it, and parisiennepen's just playing with it. No profit is being made from this.

The sea wind carried fine grains of yellow sand up from the shore. They settled on empty streets, which along with desolate houses and wild plants were all that remained after the city's inhabitants had fled.

He walked into the long-abandoned hall of Turgon at Vinyamar. At the end of the main passage, Tuor saw finely-crafted armour and weaponry gleam on the wall as a single beam of sunlight illuminated them.

The swans had led him here. What was this, if not a sign that he still had a chance to succeed in his goal of finding the Hidden City?
Tags: author: parisiennepen, challenge: renewal, character: tuor
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