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Traces (drabble, Aragorn)

Title: Traces
SO SORRY! I was trying to post this elsewhere and posted twice here instead. I apologize abjectly. Argh.
Author: mrkinch
Word Count: 100
Characters/Work: Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings
Adult Content: no, but identifiably slash
Pairing: Aragorn/Boromir
Disclaimer: JRRT made this world. I made this drabble.
Summary: Revisiting the aftermath of That Scene.
Author Notes: written for "leather" at tolkien_weekly. This would never have achieved enough shape to post without the_reverand.


Traces of gold showed faintly on smooth-worn leather, beauty hard used, as was all beauty in these times. Aragorn pulled the straps tighter, for Boromir's coat had been thicker than ranger garb made for lightness and stealth. His richer garments too had been hard used before Rivendell, nor had repairs held past Hollin. But the fur-lined cloak had been their bed and each seam and fastening of his tunic was imprinted on Aragorn's body.

The grey boat slipped away, corpse and clothing lifeless and diminished, the great cloak a pillow for one head. The roar of Rauros did not change.


All my drabbles can be found here.
Tags: author: mrkinch, challenge: fabric: leather, character: aragorn
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