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Withywindle Boating (Merry, Sam, Rosie, Elanor)

Author: rubynye
Title: Withywindle Boating
Characters: Sam, Merry, Rosie, and Elanor
Work: post-Return of the King
Author's note: I feel a little guilty to submit this waterborne fluff amidst all the profound, lovely things people are contributing on the subject of water, but it's what came to me.

Merry, of course, insisted on taking the Gamgees boating, though Estella held baby Frodo on shore. Sam and Rosie, unable to decline the dubious honor, clung to each other with white-knuckles and whiter faces, shuddering together whenever the little boat rocked, gasping when Merry rowed them up the Withywindle with powerful strokes of his long arms, and staring incredulously when he lay back in the sunshine with closed eyes and a grin while the current bore them back to the Brandywine. Elanor, too eager to leave ashore, leaned heartstoppingly far out over the boat's edge and cooed at her reflection.
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