Rhaella (rhaella) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Inevitable
Author: Rhaella
Character: Maedhros
Rating: PG
Warnings: Feanorian angst?
Book: Silm
Disclaimer: Not mine. Tolkien already tortures him more than I ever could.
Summary: Some good old-fashioned Feanorian fatalism.

If he views his life as a series of moments, he can understand.  He can accept that some choices have no correct answer, and that some tragedies are meant to unfold.

“You cannot begin a song,” Maglor once said, “without intending to see it through to its conclusion.” And though his brother would have chosen differently in the end, still he sees the truth in that assertion.  He makes no claim to wisdom; he long ago forfeited that, along with everything else.

He can never forgive himself, but even now, he would do nothing differently. The choice was never his.

Tags: author: rhaella, challenge: times:moment, character: maedhros
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