lady_branwyn (lady_branwyn) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the Cup Challenge

Title: Stirrup Cup
Author: Branwyn
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Eowyn
Source: LOTR
Note: Just borrowing; the toys and the sandbox belong to Tolkien.

Grima was not the only Rider to watch her eagerly when she offered them the stirrup-cup. Bright with amber and silk, she would make a proud ornament for her husband’s hall, and her dower horses would number in the hundreds. It would be a great honor to join with a daughter of Eorl, and her soft woman’s flesh would bear her new husband’s weight and then bear him fine sons. She held much that these Riders desired.
At first, she was pleased by their longing; yet later, she thought it an empty thing, like a stirrup-cup that had been overturned.

Tags: author: lady_branwyn, challenge: container: cups, character: eowyn

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