lady_branwyn (lady_branwyn) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the Chest Challenge

Title: Not To Blame
Author: Branwyn
Characters: Gandalf, Pippin, Merry
Warnings: A little dark
Rating: G
Source: ROTK
Disclaimer: The sandbox and toys belong to Tolkien and his estate.

The wizard stopped as he neared the healers’ garden, for the sound of hobbits was unmistakable. Their voices floated like dragonflies above the foxgloves.

“So that is what has been troubling you,” Meriadoc said slowly.

“If only I had said the right words to Lord Denethor, something to make him stop.”

“You're not to blame, Pip. If a wizard like Gandalf couldn’t persuade the steward, how could a hobbit like you?”

“I suppose you are right, as always. I am glad to get that off my chest; it made me feel all strangled inside.”

Gandalf hurried away on his errand.
Tags: author: lady_branwyn, challenge: container: chest, character: gandalf, character: merry, character: pippin
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