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Containers challenge - Scabbard - ' Presenting His Sword to the Scabbard': Kortirion

Title: Presenting His Sword to the Scabbard, a drabble pair.
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Boromir/Aragorn
Rating: G-ish
Source: Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Tolkien wrote all the best bits – Kortirion scribbles in the margins.

Someone must have pointed out to Amah that his handling had been clumsy... anyway, shortly after he first tried the motion, she discreetly engaged a tutor to coach young Boromir in the niceties of presentation. A willowy young man, but an expert in the refinements a gentleman should aspire to:

“...Finger and thumb for control, Lord... use the fingers to grip lightly... that’s it. Now, the thumb of the other hand... yes, only to guide... and push home in a single, long, controlled thrust! Yes! My lord is a natural!”

Pink with pleasure, sword firmly scabbarded...

Boromir smiled in agreement.

Aragorn was impressed with Boromir’s presentation technique.

“My brother’s just told me to stuff it in, but then... Elves...” Aragorn shrugged, “Natural grace and all that, and theirs are shaped differently. That subtle curve must make it easier...” he mused thoughtfully.

Boromir’s jaw dropped slightly, “Curved...?”

“Yes... you’ve seen Legolas'...?”

“No I haven’t!”

“You must have done!”

“No! I have not...!”

“But he has them out regularly to clean...”

“THEM...?? How different are they??”

At which point Aragorn burst out laughing, realising the discussion of ‘scabbarding a sword’ was becoming somewhat cross-purposed. Boromir blushed furiously:

“Oh. You mean his knives.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: container: scabbard, character: aragorn, character: boromir
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