m is not here (mrkinch) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
m is not here

Never Happened

Title: Never Happened
Author: mrkinch
Word Count: 100
Characters/Work: JRRT
Adult Content/Pairing: None
Disclaimer: JRRT made this world and more, thank goodnesss.
Author Notes: For "never happened".


He had no great hopes when he sent off the manuscript. He had of course a great deal of trepidation, sending the work of his heart out into the world. But his publisher was insistent, and he had no time to write anything new. He could much better use the hours away from teaching for academic publishing. Besides, Christopher and Priscilla were very lively about the house.

Thus when the letter came asking him to prepare a few of his tales for publication he with relief pushed hobbits from this mind.

If he felt anything else, we will never know.


All my drabbles can be found here.
Tags: author: mrkinch, challenge: never happened, character: jrr tolkien
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