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"Gone but not forgotten" (Boromir, OCs)

Title: Gone but not forgotten
Author: allie_meril 
Characters/Pairing: Boromir and his soldiers
Rating: PG
Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine! Boromir belongs to JRRT, and the OCs belong to Aeneid, so quite literally nothing is mine.
Author's Notes: Written a very long time ago for a challenge between friends. I just changed the title ("The 25th of March") because I only now realized that that date wasn't Gondor's New Year until after the War!  *blushes*

Gone but not forgotten

During the gathering at their chosen tavern, Boromir observed his men.

The men joked that old Amlaith (who now sipped at a brew silently) wouldn’t smile for his mother. Red-haired Ragnor sat with a barmaid beside him, whispering in her ear and fingering her skirt.

But there were empty spaces. Heldar, who wouldn’t see his rosy-cheeked wife again. Baran, who had barely sprouted a beard.

The best comes with the bitters, or so they say. Taking a long look at the crowded, laughing, living tavern, Boromir drained his ale.

To a new year. Remember the dead, but still keep living.
Tags: challenge: gone but not forgotten, character: boromir
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