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Trivial Pursuit: Geography challenge - Finding His Way : Kortirion

Title: Finding His Way
Author: Kortirion
Character: 2nd Lieutenant J.R.R.Tolkien
Rating: G
Disclaimer: ...Ah ...well the world he found there became Tolkien’s. ;)
Notes: Dedicated to just_ann_now - just to see if it works better as a drabble.
(Because I originally wrote it as a 6,000 word short story that came out a bit of a mess! ~_^ ) Now beautifully beta-ed by just_ann_now and posted on my lj and in 'General' at HASA (authored by Elen Kortirion) - 'A Time of Harvest, September 22nd, 1915' ;D

A woodland walk - to work at his poem about the old town’s now-departed elves... had seemed a good idea, except now he was lost. The geography of the place seemed all turned around, the woods thicker than he remembered... unfamiliar.

“Lieutenant Tolkien?”

A woodsman in old-fashioned clothes, all in green, lent against a tree.

“You seem lost...”

“How do you know my name!” Embarrassment made young Tolkien sharp.

The man’s cap hid his eyes, but his lips smiled.

“Come - follow me.”

Later, Tolkien curiously opened his parting gift, apparently it would show him the way... an ancient book... bound in red...
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: trivial pursuits: geography, character: jrr tolkien
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