fordsflappers (fordsflappers) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Stranger
Author: fordsflappers
Characters: Aragorn
Rating: G
Book/Source: Movie-verse.
Disclaimer: Middle Earth and inhabitants were created by Tolkien.
Notes: My lovely beta
kortirion made some changes.

His Elven character and history was bewildering to his subjects. They looked at Aragorn with cold reverence, and he envied Faramir the affection his Steward inspired among them. It was different, yet the same as when he had been a lad, a mortal amidst the Eldar. A Ranger, nomad, needed to know the languages of every people west of the Misty Mountains. He spoke each one with the same unaccented ease, not considering any particular tongue his true one, his own. King, he was now, as he had always been, still at home in any land, still a stranger everywhere.

Tags: challenge: trivial pursuits: history, character: aragorn, welcome new author
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