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Two for the "Tailor" challenge: The Giver and The Gifted

Title: The Giver and The Gifted
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Denethor, Mormegil (my OC), other original characters
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Lord Denethor and his lady belong to Tolkien. The rest of these characters are mine.
A drabble pair for the "Tailor" challenge.

The Giver

"Mormegil, if I were to want to give a lady a gift, what would you suggest?"
"That would depend on the lady, my lord. A book? Poetry?Jewelry?"

"Jewelry would be gilding the lily. Something useful, perhaps? Yet beautiful."

"Gloves? A headscarf?"

"A cloak? Blue, to match her eyes?”
Mormegil nodded. "Indeed, sir."
"Deep blue velvet, like the evening sky. Stars, I think, embroidered on the velvet. Would that be too garish?"
"Not at all. Goldwork on dark blue is lovely."
"Could you find someone to craft such a gift? Before Mettarë?"
"I'm sure I can, sir," Moremegil smiled.

The Gifted

Mormegil had seen the fabric once, from the corner of his eye, while visiting Arrad Tailor's workroom. Now Arrad was rolling it out reverently, rhapsodizing about pile and nap and how the color would vary with the light.

There was a tap at the door; a young woman entered. She was small and slim and as lovely, Mormegil thought, as Tinúviel, as Melian the Maia. "Oh, the blue velvet!" she exclaimed happily. "I've always loved it; the color is so rich."

"My sister, Rívorn," said Arrad, "and my embroiderer. By her skill will Lord Denethor's lady be wrapped in starlight."
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: career path: tailor, character: denethor, character: oc

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