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Eat Drink and Be Merry challenge - Mead: 'Act of Remembrance II' a drabble pair: Kortirion

Title: Act of Remembrance II – a drabble pair
Author: Kortirion
Character: Aragorn and Thengel-King
Rating: G
Source: Time of the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world, Tolkien’s characters, Kortirion’s incident in the life of.

Cups had circled Meduseld many times; songs sung, battles remembered… sexual exploits exaggerated into impossible feats to roars of laughter. The middle-night hour passed – some dozed, some cuffed silent tears away, some were merely unconscious... when Thengal ordered the Last Toast. Precious glass flagons, formerly holding Dorwinion wine, now cradled aged mead, tightly sealed with wax. Thengel eyed the distinct gap between liquor and cork.

“See? Béma has taken his share,” he noted approvingly.

Aragorn tasted warmth, and fire spread through his chest. His tongue spoke before he thought; and he found himself growling the elves’ lament for passing comrades.

Into growing stillness, his voice chanted the ancient song, not in soaring elvish tones, but the sombre voice of a man... a man not used to singing at that. His heart ruled his tongue and the tentative start grew stronger. Comrades’ faces danced before his unseeing eyes – each figure in spirit lifting a cup in passing. The hall fell to silence, then to low breathy humming as the warriors caught the sense of the incomprehensible words and joined him.

The lament finished; a whispered roar of ocean to strand. Thengel, cheeks wet, nodded slowly.

“That was a thing well done.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: drink: mead, character: aragorn, character: rohirrim
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