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The Song Of Green Dragon for Eat Drink and Be Merry challenge.

Title: The Song Of Green Dragon
Author: Jess, qwertyxo ([info]lotrslashfic)
Characters/Pairing: Eomer, Merry, Pippin
Rating: PG, for talk of beers.
Warnings: None.
Book/Source: Movie-verse, to be safe, since I haven't read the books (Yet. I'm working through them.)
Disclaimer: I have no claim to these characters, I just like to play with them. Lotus owns my soul for giving me the word tankard, and putting up with me.


"Very good, boys!" Eomer said, clapping Merry on the shoulder as he and Pippin got down off the table. "It must be quite a fine ale, worth singing of!" He refilled their tankards amiably.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Merry nodded.

"For beer." Added Pippin, with a little smirk, and Eomer laughed heartily.

"Quite a folk, you halflings. Do you nothing but drink and sing all day?"

"Pretty much." More rich laugher from the horsemaster.

"Tell me again, will you, where I may find the beer so brown?"

And the hall was again filled with the two hobbits' song.
Tags: challenge: performance, character: eomer, character: merry, character: pippin, welcome new author
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