SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The Rose Garden

Author: SheBit
Title: The Rose Garden
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Post RotK
Disclaimer: The Professor owns it all, I just like to play in his garden.
Author's Note: For the 'Roses' challenge. I've been gone for a very long time and haven't drabbled (or written anything Tolkien) in months, so I'm a bit rusty. I'm not entirely happy with this one, but at least I've managed to write something.

The high walls were traced with ivy and other creeping, climbing weeds. The flowers had gone wild and to seed, a sprawling mess of thorns, but all through the little walled garden rose large blooms of red and pink and sunny yellow. She pulled one velvety rose to her face; the sweet, rich scent almost made her dizzy.

He followed her silently, but she felt his warmth behind her, like low embers on a cool night. “I thought the gate was locked.”

“It was, but the wood was rotten.”

“This was my mother’s garden, long ago.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s yours.”
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