SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Author: SheBit
Title: Kingsfoil
Rating: G
Warnings: Just some angst
Book/Source: FotR/post-RotK. A little touch of movieverse.
Disclaimer: The Professor kills the ones we love.
Author's Note: A late one for the 'Athelas' challenge. I'm back on that hilltop again - as I'm so rusty I thought that a familiar place would ease me back in.

The bitter herb was strangely tasteless as he chewed it, the fevered skin strangely like velvet coverlets as he smoothed the salve.

“I would have followed you, my brother-“

“Save your strength, my friend, and let Athelas do its work. Be at peace.”

The healing leaves worked quick; soon enough they were on their way again, the four hunters, trailing their prey over hill and rock and stream...

The king’s rest was peaceful, until daybreak roused him and his waking mind recalled what the dreaming could not: some wounds are too great for Kingsfoil, some sorrows too great for kings.
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