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Elanor Challenge

Title: The Sun-Star
Author: Lbilover
Characters/Pairing: Elanor Gamgee
Rating: G (gen)
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LOTR Appendices, HoME
Disclaimer: Just borrowing the Professor's characters. I promise to return them unharmed!
A/N: This is my first time posting to this community. *nervous*

The Sun-Star they called her, for King Elessar was learned in the Elven tongue, and translated the simple name for them: Elanor, the sun-star.

She was beloved by them before she came to the city, daughter of Harthad Uluithiad, named by the Ring-bearer himself. But they loved her for herself, this shining, golden-haired hobbit-lass who walked the cobbled streets with eager steps, holding her father by the hand. A child perhaps in height, but Elven fair, fit Maid of Honor to their Queen.

Wher’er she passed, the southern Sun shone brighter, as if a star had indeed fallen to earth.

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