SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Nainie, or The Lament of Endore
Author: SheBit
WordCount: 100
Source: LotR, or a little after
Author's Note: Recycled, I'm afraid. I wrote this over a year ago and I think it was my first ever drabble poem. It's also the only piece I've ever had accepted onto the HASA archives, but we won't go there.

Where are the old ones gone, who loved us always?
They are gone over sea, in tall grey ships.
Borne into the West.
They were made here, for us, as we were made for them,
But another land stole their hearts;
For the great ones loved them dearly,
As was intended.
We remain as we were made,
But they grew in grace,
And diminished.
Others came after, more children:
The doomed do not love us as the fair ones did.
The white gulls drew them to our shores
And they departed,
Their songs no longer heard.
How we miss them.
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