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"Jewels of the Spirit: Red Carnelian", Gimli, Boromir

Title: "Jewels of the Spirit: Red Carnelian"
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Gimli, Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed

Jewels of the Spirit: Red Carnelian

In his youth, Gimli had studied the metaphysical lore of the master-jewelers, treatises on how gemstones and their auras could reveal the true nature of their wearers. As the journey began, to soothe himself towards sleep, he pondered his companions, wondering what jewel might represent each one's inner spirit.

By firelight, he saw reflected in the Man of Gondor's face the warmth of red carnelian, the jewel of the earth, hearth and home. He did not understand, until he knew Boromir better: his fierce love for the land of his roots, his obsession with the survival of his people.

Author's Note

According to certain Eastern philosophies, the chakras are seven energy centers located throughout the body. The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. 1 Each chakra has associated with it a color and gemstone.

Red is the color for the first or root chakra, located at the very base of the spine. The root shakra supports us with a deep connection to earth and home. Feelings of passion, courage and the will to survive come from this area of the body.2

1. Wikipedia entry, Chakra
2. Chakra Jewels - a very interesting site with much in-depth information on the chakras.
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: rainbow: red, character: boromir, character: gimli
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