Lbilover (ex_lbilover) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Orange challenge

Title: The Orangerie
Author: Lbilover
Characters/Pairing: Merry, Pippin
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: Just borrowing Tolkien's wonderful characters. I promise to return them unharmed.

The new glass-house, built onto a south facing hill, was an object of
amazement; the saplings, carted in from Outside and planted in wooden tubs,
of derision.

"They think you're daft," said Pippin. "Growing trees indoors
ain't natural and no good will come of it!
If I've heard that once, I've
heard it a dozen times."

Merry only grinned. "The naysayers will sing a different tune before long,

He was right. The doubting hobbits looked askance at the queer,
rough-skinned fruit, until their first taste of a ripe orange's sweet flesh and

Meriadoc Brandybuck was a hero, again.


Tags: author: lbilover, challenge: rainbow: orange, character: merry, character: pippin
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