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Jewels of the Spirit: Green Jade

Title: Jewels of the Spirit: Green Jade
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Gimli, Sam
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
For the Rainbow: Green challenge

Jewels of the Spirit: Green Jade

After the doubt and fear of the Council, seeking solace in the soul-easing gardens of Imladris, Gimli's fingers suddenly ache for his carving tools: he would craft an amulet of green jade, a leaf, and gift it to the halfling, Samwise the Gardener.

For Gimli knows the power of root and branch to tear stone asunder with quiet, unstoppable force, and in this green fortress, he senses the same power within the modest hobbit. Peace and healing flow from his hands, like water; but within him also is great strength, strength which transforms an acorn to a mighty oak.

Author's Note:

The fourth chakra, characterized by the color green, lies within the heart. It holds unlimited love and with it, the power to heal. This great outpouring of love brings acceptance and forgiveness, for others as well as ourselves.
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: rainbow: green, character: gimli, character: sam
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