mysterious_jedi (mysterious_jedi) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The Sea

Title: The Sea

Author: Mysterious Jedi


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Source material belongs to Tolkien estates. I am just writing for fun.

The blue expanse of the sea stretches before me. I became a kin-slayer in order to cross it. Maedhros and I drove Elwing to jump off a cliff overlooking it, taking with her one of the jewels we sought. I watched, astounded, as Lord Ulmo turned her into a bird so she could fly away. Years later, I cast into this Sea the one Silmaril I had finally been able to hold. It was lost forever. The peaceful rise and fall of waves on the horizon do not fool me. This is a Sea of tragedy, a sea of regrets.
Tags: author: mysterious_jedi, challenge: rainbow: blue, character: maglor
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