that_merrymaker (that_merrymaker) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Sky Blue

Title: Sky Blue
Author: that_merrymaker 
Characters/Pairing: Fingolfin, Fingon.
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing, really. Just a bit of cuteness.
Book/Source: The Silmarillion (?)
Disclaimer: Ditto. Tolkien owns everything, including my life.
Written for the 'Rainbow - Blue' challenge.


"Why is the sky blue?"

Fingolfin looks upon his son. "Because Eru made it so."

"Why is the sea blue?"

He wonders about his son's inquisitive nature. Surely it was inherited from his mother. "They say it is reflected from the sky."

Fingon is silent. "If the sea is blue," he starts, "then why is ice white?”

A shiver crawls up Fingolfin’s spine. He shudders at the abrupt sensation. Perhaps it is foresight, he thinks, and then dismisses the option.


He turns his gaze upon the horizon, aflame and treacherous, and the first saplings of unease began to emerge.

Tags: challenge: rainbow: blue, character: elves
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