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Colour Rainbow challenge - Indigo: 'The Perusal' and 'The Pact': Kortirion

Title: ‘The Perusal’ and ‘The Pact’
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Estel, Haldir, Cirdan
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s Middle-earth - Krtirion’s just enjoying the view.

Newly come ashore, Estel, when introduced, bowed so low his now lengthy hair cascaded forward. He heard a gentle rumble before realising it was laughter.

“Rise.... I see Master Elrond’s foster-son has learnt fair manners… but perhaps his brothers should have instructed him more assiduously about taming his hair...”

Estel was forced to scrape his wayward locks out of his face before he could look up at the speaker. The deep-set eyes captivated him immediately, ancient, knowing, the dark indigo of the open ocean – Cirdan, Guardian of the Havens, Shipwright, smiled broadly, his laughter booming like spring tides among sea-caves.

Some weeks later, Haldir and his companions finished their trade and took ship to Belfalas. Estel was to stay among Cirdan’s household.

“Listen well to the Ship-master, mellon, he is one wisest among us.”

Haldir’s parting words, before the grey ship cast-off, cleaving the ocean’s indigo swell southward. Estel watched from the quay, his hair increasingly wind-tangled, until exasperated, he’d seized his knife, twisted his hair and sawed it away. Cirdan arrived as he held the skein, undecided what to do.

“Give it to Ossë - an offering for your safe-keeping.”

Black on blue-water, it drifted seaward, and Ossë accepted.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: rainbow: indigo, character: estel, character: haldir
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