Lbilover (ex_lbilover) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Violet challenge

Title: A Choice Foretold
Author: Lbilover
Characters/Pairing: Sam Gamgee, Elanor Gamgee
Rating: G (gen)
Warnings: None
Book/Source: HoME, FOTR movie
Disclaimer: Just borrowing Tolkien's wonderful characters. I promise to return them unharmed.

Elanor Gamgee was no shrinking violet. Maid of Honour to a Queen, travelled, learned, she was a rare flower among hobbits. When Fastred of Greenholm appeared at a Great Smials assembly, she never hesitated, but boldly took his hand and pulled him into the dance.

Her father watched with mingled amusement and pride, recalling another dance, and Frodo, laughing, pushing his friend into Rosie’s arms.

I shall not part with you, like Arwen did with Elrond.

It isn’t wise to choose before the time,
he’d replied, kissing Elanor gently.

Now, in her laughing, glowing face, Sam saw her choice foretold.

Tags: author: lbilover, challenge: rainbow: violet, character: hobbits, character: sam
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