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Homeward (Aragorn)

Title: Homeward
Author: mrkinch
Word Count: 100
Characters/Work: Aragorn, Appendix A
Adult Content/Pairing: None
Disclaimer: JRRT made this world. I made this drabble.
Author Notes: For "violet".


He came up from the deserts of the South, hot, dry, open in a way that was more strange to him than the unfamiliar stars. At last he was traveling northward, homeward. Far ahead lay great forests that marched up snow-topped mountains, streams that ran swift through icy gorges or meandered through green lands. There folk he loved worked and waited.

The Crossings of Poros were far behind him, the Southron cloak that had shielded him from sun and eyes buried deep in a tumble of red rocks. The violet shadows of Ithilien closed about him as he strode on.


All my drabbles can be found here.
Tags: author: mrkinch, challenge: rainbow: violet, character: aragorn
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