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Jewels of the Spirit: Amethyst, Fire Opal (Rainbow)

Title: Jewels of the Spirit: Amethyst
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Gimli, Gandalf
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.

Jewels of the Spirit: Amethyst

Horrified, Gimli had watched Gandalf the Grey fall; awestruck, he knelt before Gandalf the White, newly arisen. In the days that followed there was little time for Gimli to wonder at the colors he sometimes glimpsed, flickering above the Wizard's brow; perhaps exhaustion and despair were preying upon his mind. And then there was no time at all.

At last by a quiet fireside at Cormallen, Gimli had time to rest and ponder his vision: a crown of resurrection, shimmering amethyst and crystal. And not for the Wizard only, returned to complete his task, but for all Arda: triumphant, reborn.

Author's Note:

"The seventh chakra is symbolized by a crown made from a thousand petals and floats just above our heads. It is the connection with experiences beyond the body. Within this chakra is the transformation of a human being into a great soul. Shimmering white and violet are its colors."Chakra Jewels

Title: Jewels of the Spirit: Fire Opal (Rainbow)
Characters: Gimli, Mahal (Aule)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine!

Jewels of the Spirit: Fire Opal

"And which jewel did you choose to signify yourself?" Mahal asked.

"I did not, I never, there was no time -" Gimli sputtered.

"You did not imagine your spirit aflame? I watched; I saw all. Son of Gloín, receive your gemstone." And Mahal brought forth a mithril circlet, set with spirit-jewels; in the center a cabochon of fire opal, all colors of the rainbow gleaming within its depths.

"You bore these virtues, no less than your companions: courage, honesty, purpose, acceptance, intimacy, imagination, unity. Ever shall you be honored, whenever a child of Mahal sees a rainbow in the sky."
Tags: author: just_ann_now, challenge: rainbow, challenge: rainbow: violet, character: gimli, character: valar
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