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Colour Rainbow challenge - rainbow 'The Gift and 'The Guidance': Kortirion

Title: The Gift and The Guidance
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Estel and Cirdan
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien discovered Middle-earth – Kortirion played with the formulae... just a bit!

Cirdan’s elves sailed the Lune, heading north to trade for furs. Estel would take the tributary east to the Hills of Everdim. He’d errands at the remote settlement of Lake Nenuial before taking the Baranduin south, then east again and home, at last – to the Angle. The route took him near the Old Forest, close enough to deliver a gift from Cirdan.

“But where shall I leave it?” Estel frowned.

“He’ll find you – never fear. My knife was no accident; I‘d repay him - something for his lady.”

Cirdan held up a string of lustrous pearls, shimmering with rainbows.

When their time to separate came, Cirdan handed Estel two rainbow-embroidered bags – ‘for true wishes’. The Harbour-master embraced him before re-boarding his ship.

“Go well Dunadan,” Cirdan called, “Take my greetings to Master Elrond and my recompense to old Ben-adar. Though he needs nothing of mine, I hope his lady will enjoy the sea-gift. There’re also gifts to give to your beloved. Choose well – you’ll understand...”

Estel looked inside: another string of beautiful pearls... and a golden locket shaped and enamelled to resemble a violet. Finally, he began to understand his perplexed heart... and later, gave each beloved their token.
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