Nani (emmyrose224) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

"Woodland" - Fall to the Stars

Title: Fall to the Stars
Author: emmyrose224
Rating: G
Book/Source: the Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: These 100 words are complete fiction; I borrow Tolkien's world and make no money from it.
Written with first impressions of Fangorn Forest in mind.

Fall to the Stars

“Don’t look up,” they said, “you’ll fall through the branches and into the stars.” Always skeptic, I was reluctant to heed their pleasant nonsense. Yet, I feel here that falling to the stars is plausible. Eerily, the stillness in the air wraps around me, leaving naught but suspicions of truth in the old wives’ tales. The midnight sky drops patchwork strikes of starlight through strong, ancient branches that lean downward as though to pick me up and keep me their secret. My eyes close, leaving me vulnerable to the whims of the forest around me. Don’t leave yet, it sighs.

Tags: challenge: good earth: woodland, welcome new author
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