Jay of Lasgalen (jay_of_lasgalen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Jay of Lasgalen

Visions Of Trees

Title:  Visions of Trees
Author:  Jay of Lasgalen
Character:  Legolas
Rating: Gen
Book:  LOTR
Disclaimer:  Tolkien's, not mine.

Summary:  Legolas visits the borders of Isengard.  Written for the 'Woodland' challenge.

Visions Of Trees



Legolas gazed at the barren land. He saw not the bare hillsides where trees had been felled to fuel the fires of Orthanc, nor the despoiled land fouled by the filth of orcs.  He saw trees again – trees, growing fair and tall; avenues of chestnuts; sunlit glades carpeted with bluebells. “I can bring saplings from Lasgalen and Ithilien – a mixture of oak, ash and birch. Hazel and elderberry too, to attract animals and birds here again.” 


He pointed to a blackened patch of earth, smiling. “And a clearing of beeches here.  In time we will make this a woodland again.”

Tags: author: jay_of_lasgalen, challenge: good earth: woodland, character: legolas
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