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Title: "I Cannot..."
Author: Kortirion
word count: 100
Character: Haldir
Adult: none
Disclaimer: JRRT - yes : ) Kortirion - No : (
Notes: We were talking 'Fire', but that got to be angsty romance anyway so... meh! A conjunction.

You are the true Feanoriens, you sun-bright children of Anor; how you blaze, white-hot, consumed by vibrant passions; how swiftly you pass, ashes to dust. There was one could have warmed my fea – but there lies only sorrowing madness.

We are the Eldar, People-of-the-Stars, eternal, panoplied in glory, splendid in isolation. You, like bright campfires on a darkling plain; our reflections on the earth; hot, welcoming, we are warmed; until, falling asleep, we wake to cold, dead ashes. Do you wonder we turn away Adan? To love you is the path to Mandos, - for you would surely break our hearts.
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