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Modly Post - MEFA Reviews Now Available!

From the MEFA (Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards) Admin:

As some of you may know, the first of the reviews written for the 2009 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards (MEFAs) were displayed at our website beginning 12:00 GMT, September 1. I'd like to welcome everyone but particularly any authors competing in the awards to see these reviews.

What is displayed is only the tip of the iceberg. Members can still write reviews through December 31, so I hope we'll be able to show off lots more reviews over the coming months. You'll also only see what is known in MEFA jargon as "final" reviews. Our members can give a review one of three statuses, and many hold off making their reviews final until they're sure they don't want to change anything about them. What this means is, there are reviews already written, which will be displayed on our website over the next few months. Not to mention the reviews that are yet to be written. So there should be more reviews displayed through the end of December. Feel free to check back often. But also feel free to look at what's already posted - there are over 900 reviews for a variety of authors already available.

To read reviews for your story:

1. Log in to
2. Click the link "Review Reviews Left By Others For Your Stories."

And that's it! This will show you a list of reviews left for all of your stories. If you prefer you can see all the reviews for a certain story together, by clicking on the story ID #. (This will show just the reviews for that story.)

You can also find the reviews for other peoples' stories as well. To do this:

1. Log in to
2. Click the "Read All Reviews" links.

From here you can tell it just to display reviews for a certain author, or for stories in a certain category or sub-category. Or you may browse all the reviews displayed. (Earlier reviews are near the start of the list.)

You may want to reply to these reviews. Unlike some archives we don't give you a way to reply on the website and have it appear next to the reviews you've received. However, we will gladly forward an email to the reviewer with your reply if you'd like. Just click the "reply to reviewer" link beside any review for one of your stories, for instructions on how to email a reply to a reviewer. Your email address will be shown to the reviewer, but you will not be told theirs unless they choose to reply back to you.

Finally, you may see some reviews that you think are breaking some MEFA guideline. For instance, they may need a spoiler warning added or they may have quotes that aren't properly blocked off. (All quotes should be bracketed off between [square quotes] so the website knows not to count them.) If you see anything you think needs correcting, please email me at mefasupport-at-mefawards-dot-net. Please include the review "header," which gives information about the story and who reviewed it, and please explain what you think needs fixing. If I and the other admins agree with your concern, we'll make the necessary change.

It's not too late to start reviewing yourself. Nominated authors can vote for any stories in this year's competition (except their own, obviously). Anyone else can participate by joining the MEFAwards Yahoo group. If you have forgotten your password or need other help joining up, please check out this FAQ:

and if you still are having trouble, you may email me at mefasupport-at-mefawards-dot-net for additional help.

Enjoy the reviews!

(MEFA Admin.)
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