encaitariel (encaitariel) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

coastlands drabble: Homecoming

Title: Homecoming
Author: Encaitariel
Characters: Gildor, OC (Lindan)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Source: Silmarillion, LotR
Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to the genius of JRR Tolkien. My words are only for entertainment (mine at least), and I do not in any way financially profit by them.
Author's note: Lindon, FA 587

Gildor stood gazing across waves where the hills of his home once stood. He turned to his Lindarin companion, who stood looking north along the coast.

"I have come full circle," Lindan smiled. "An age has passed since I stood in Ossiriand.” He breathed in. “A fëa feels lighter in the land of its birth."

"I wish you joy of your homecoming, toronya," Gildor said quietly.

"And you, Gilchen? Do you desire to walk the land of your birth?"

"The West is not my home.”

Gildor turned from the sea. “There are many adventures yet for us in the east."

Tags: author: encaitariel, challenge: good earth: coastland, character: elves
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