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The Good Earth challenge - Gardens: Ego

Title: Ego
Author: noldoparma
Characters/Pairing: Erestor, Glorfindel
Rating: G
Warnings: Zilch
Book/Source: Silmarillion if you stretch the truth.
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns me.
Author's notes: I have another melancholic one begging to be written, so I'll probably post that later, but after a few sad drabbles, I needed to try sth different... Inspired by a long argument with my better half. (why on earth is it always "the better half"?!)

Glorfindel rolled his eyes in exasperation. He could not see where this argument was going.

He did not even know why they were arguing at all.

Resisting the urge to scream, he said pointedly, “It’s obviously a daffodil!”

“And you are obviously daft,” Erestor hissed. “That’s a crocus. It is Autumn for Valar’s sake!”

“Daffodils bloom all year round!”

Erestor imagined, briefly, strangling the stubborn spawn of Morgoth. “Unlike the Gardens of Lorien, the laws of nature on Middle Earth do not bend to your will, you obstinate oaf!”

“Why not? I am the bloody Lord of the Golden Flower!”
Tags: author: noldoparma, challenge: good earth: gardens, character: elf
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