Baranduin (baranduin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Fic: New Roads

Fic: New Roads
Author: Baranduin
Characters: Frodo, Bilbo
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own anything or make any profit from the characters.
Book: LOTR
A/N: For the romance challenge.

New Roads

“Well, my boy,” Bilbo said, smiling as he held Frodo by the shoulders. “What do you think of this?”

Frodo laughed, mostly to put off answering the question for a little.

“Eh? Cat got your tongue? How peculiar.” Bilbo leaned against the ship’s rail and breathed in the cold, clean air.

“It’s splendid, Bilbo dear.” And it was; all of a sudden it was. “I’ve wanted to go off with you for so many years.”

“I know. And now here we are!”

They stood by the rail for a long time that night, following the moonlight path into the west.

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