Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Harvest challenge, Scythe - 'Hot Work' : Kortirion

Title: Hot Work
Author: Kortirion
Character: Théodred
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien made this world and all it’s characters... though he left this one rather under-developed!

It was hot work. The leather-covered grip felt slippery and his shoulders ached, burning with the strain. He would like to have paused, stretched, but that would spoil his rhythm. He had his eye in now, sweep, swing back, sweep forward with a step, swing back, sweep...

Théodred almost laughed aloud when unbidden came a memory: his first instructor’s voice in Meduseld’s hay-fields.

“Put your back into it lad! King’s son or no – you’ll learn to scythe with the rest. Put muscles on those skinny arms!”

Now, hard-earned muscle scythed down his foes... falling at his feet in bloody sheaves.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: harvest: scythe, character: theodred
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