Geale (geale01) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Harvest Challenge, Reap: Still Here

Title: Still Here
Author: Geale
Character: Sam
Rating: G
Source: LotR, Post-War
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Tolkien.


Still Here

Bubbling laughter fills the sunlit garden and curly heads disappear behind leaves and sheaves. Sam crawls forward a little and gently pushes aside the proud sunflowers to reveal a memory and a gift.

“Well would you look at that!”

Reverently, he carefully bends the fragile stem to have a closer look. The berries are of a shining, pearly white.

“Just like her dress,” he murmurs and his heart grows heavy in his breast. “Just like her dress, don’t you think, Mr. Frodo?”

Still the glow of the berries makes him smile and he nods. “I bet she knew they would.”

Tags: challenge: harvest: reap, character: sam
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