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Roses - romance challenge tolkien_weekly

Title: Roses
Author: Someone who might be Kortirion, but isn't admitting it.
Word count: 100
Source: RotK
Adult: none but my word it's soppy!
Disclaimer: We trespass where JRR feared to tread...

He’d spent days in enforced idleness, watching from the garden. Now, he honed his thoughts as carefully as he sharpened a blade; committing them to cursive script.

The roses slump,
Oppressed by rain’s icy fingers.
Now yesterday’s storm is past,
Today’s Sun warms them,
But still their weary heads,
Gaze disconsolate at the ground.
Should the promise of warmth be fulfilled,
They may yet address the skies again,
And cast their perfume to the caressing breeze.

He waited to be discovered, pen in hand, knowing his beloved would read his words; hoping to see a shy smile of understanding blossom.
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