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Jay of Lasgalen

An Autumn Journey: Part Six - Sons Of Forgotten Kings

Title: An Autumn Journey

Author: Jay of Lasgalen

Characters: Elladan and Elrohir

Book: LOTR

Disclaimer: Tolkien’s, not mine.


Summary: Elladan and Elrohir seek information after news from the Shire. A story told in a series of drabbles for the ‘Harvest’ challenge. Part Six – Sons Of Forgotten Kings, for the ‘Harvest Moon’ prompt.


Six: Sons of Forgotten Kings (prompt: Harvest Moon)



Elladan and Elrohir took the East Road, searching all the while for some sign of Estel or the Nazgûl. They saw nothing, and the land remained deserted and oddly silent. Under a harvest moon they rode through the night, piecing together Tom’s cryptic clues.


“He knows who Estel is.  And young Frodo carries some evil burden.”


“And Estel is wandering in the wild with the Nazgûl after him. If the wraiths find them first … we must warn Father and seek help.”


“And then set out again with Glorfindel. Between us, we will find him – and bring him safely home.”  

Tags: author: jay_of_lasgalen, challenge: harvest: moon, character: elladan, character: elrohir
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