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Water, Fire, Breath

Title: Water, Fire, Breath
Author: Jacynthe Demorae (posting from the fic journal, to allay any confusion)
Characters/Pairing: Aegnor/Andreth
Rating: G
Warnings: none (unless sad romance needs a warning...)
Book/Source: HoME, Morgoth's Ring
Disclaimer: The characters and concepts contained in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth are the property of the Tolkien estate and appear here without permission. No challenge to copyright is intended, and no profit has been made from this work of fiction.
Summary: Aegnor's wish, for the romance challenge.

Water, Fire, Breath

How I wish Arda could hold its breath! The water before us reflects the moonless night sky. A star, Elbereth’s blessing, floats brighter than a diamond against her dark, water-sheen braids. She does not speak. The Wise know the value of silence. One day, my Andreth’s name will be counted among their number and given due praise.

I watch her reflection, knowing this shadow will be my only companion throughout the ages to come. Arda cannot hold its breath. Her reflection ripples. Time flows.

I put my hand over hers. Her warmth exceeds all fires, save that in my heart.


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